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Are GMT Watches the Type of Wristwatch for You?

A wristwatch is just a wristwatch, right? It is a handy way to tell the time. True, but what if there are more than two times that a person has to know of? These days, there are watches that are known as GMT watches, or Greenwich Mean Time watches. What are these watches, and who are the people who should use them?

What is a GMT Watch?

A GMT watch is a wristwatch that has two or more operational clock faces within the original clock face itself. What this means is that it is a watch with smaller watches inside. These smaller watches are also powered by the same mechanism that powers up the wristwatch, but they can be set in accordance to different time zones.

Different parts of the world have different times. While it is morning in California might not necessarily mean it is also morning in Korea. Because of the Earth’s size and shape, the sun hits different areas at different times, therefore causing different times on different areas as well.

Generally, the areas of the world are divided by lines—the GMT lines. Each line deviates from the central GMT line by an hour, so the state or country falling in a GMT line could have a time zone of GMT + 2, or GMT – 5, and so on.

A GMT watch can easily accommodate this discrepancy in time, as it can have two or more working clock faces.

Who Can Benefit the Most From a GMT Watch?

There are a number of people who can find good use for a GMT watch, most notably are those who travel to different states or countries frequently. Businessmen and women can now book flights and schedule international appointments without having to guess at the time difference between the areas involved. Having a GMT watch will also prevent blunders in setting up agendas and coming late because of misunderstandings in time.

Overseas workers (and their loved ones) can also use these watches, essentially to keep track of when to keep in touch with their families or loved ones abroad. Having two or more clock faces within a single wristwatch will enable people to tell if their loved one is sleeping or taking their lunch break.

Call center agents or telemarketers vying for a foreign market can also benefit from wearing a GMT watch. As most often is the case, the time differences between the agent and the customer makes the agent susceptible to mistakes in calling and in greeting the customer. This watch effectively discourages those mistakes.

What is The Time?

Still, there are no rules as to who can or who cannot wear a certain watch. If GMT watches are the wearer’s thing, then he or she is free to wear them. If anything, a GMT watch will make for a very interesting conversation piece. When a pretty young lady asks you for the time, you can smoothly ask back whether she would like the time in America, Italy, Japan—or anyplace!

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The Beauty of a Handwind Watch

2013_ticino_automatic_pilot_watch_001A handwind watch is a mechanical watch that is wound at the crown by hand in order to make the mainspring move. To make sure that it will work smoothly, wind the crown regularly depending on the product’s requirements. Some may have the need to be wound once a day while others can be wound after two or three days. Check the specifications whether you should wind this kind of watch while wearing it or when you already take it off your wrist.

Be careful not to over wind your device to prevent the small parts from breaking. When you are turning the crown and you feel that it is already resistant, stop. This means that it already reached the maximum winding necessary. If you insist, it will break the mainspring and the pin of your watch which will require repair or replacement in order to work again. Just the same, make sure that you wind your watch before putting it down. For instance, when you remove your watch before you sleep, it will be better to wind it so that you will not find the time stationary the next day. Forgetting to do so will only mess up your schedules because you are not working with the real time.

Aside from telling the time, this kind of watch is also a masterpiece that adds aesthetic value to your over all look. They usually come in designs that are classic yet elegant. If you are an antique fan, this may be the right choice for you. These timeless pieces also have accent colours that definitely add style to you devices. If you are more of the sentimental type of person, this may also be the best option for you. This is because some individuals treasure the personal involvement they spend with their things like their watches. Personally winding the crown in order to set the time is just an example.

If you are a first time owner of a mechanical watch, make sure that you choose the right one that works well for your particular needs. If you are going to use it on a daily basis, settling for those with basic shapes is better. This avoids destruction from work when you wear those that are with fancy shapes. You can also settle for the ones with stainless steel or leather straps. They are more appropriate for your corporate attire and you can still pair them with any clothing when you are out of work. Small watches for ladies work well even for dressy occasions. So if your work entails a lot of social gatherings and cocktail events, investing in a small hand wound watch is a wise decision.

Not everyone can pull off using a handwind watch when it comes to fashion. However, because it does not require any battery in order to work, it is becoming more and more popular in the market. And because of this high demand, manufacturers are finding ways to create interesting watches like a hand witch that will not only appeal to those with an eye for antique stuffs but for those with modern taste as well.

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Some Watch Parts & Other Related Information

An ordinary mechanical watch has around 140 components. The more complex watches meanwhile have over hundreds of components. An example is the Patek Philippe by Calibre 89 which is considered the most complex timepiece produced. The following are the common watch parts. Read on:

The watch is one of the many old examples of modified technology that is still used by many people. Unlike mobile phones which are usually outdated regardless of design and features, wristwatches maintain a number of the same components popularized by Louis Cartier in the early 19th century.

  • Dial: It contains a digital output (a.k.a “hands”) that is used in displaying time. The Dial has these features: moon date, phase and additional time zones.
  • Crown: For analog wristwatches, rotating the crown sets the time and winds its mainspring area (when necessary). Digital wristwatches use push buttons in setting the time and activating other functions.
  • Crystal: This part covers the dial and the entire watch. Crystal is made from synthetic sapphire, mineral glass and acrylic glass for extra protection.
  • Movement: In most mechanical watches, the movement makes use of gears, wheels and springs to maintain the time. Quartz and digital watches uses electrical circuits to display power and/or digits.
  • Case: This part basically provides a clean and steady place for inner workings. On the other hand, the case makes up the timepiece’s stylish appearance. The “back plate” case gives access to battery and movement.
  • Watchband: This part is made from metal and has a striking resemblance to a bracelet – except that it has two straps of fabric or leather and is fastened by clasp.

Throughout the centuries, watchmakers struggled to expand their range of making timepieces. “Marie Antoinette” was one of the most popular clocks created. It was specially made by Abraham Louis – Breguet for the Queen of France in 1783. The clock paved way for advances in watch-making which took place in the 18th century.

“Marie Antoinette” was the first timepiece to use minimal watch parts and passed through numerous hands prior to finding its permanent home in Sir David Salomon. The latter donated the timepiece to L.A Meyer Memorial Institute of Islamic Art in Israel. A hundred years later, Nicolas Hayek commissioned a team of voluntary watchmakers to create a replica of “Marie Antoinette”. In 2008, Hayek unveiled the stunning replica during the Baselworld event. Since then, the replica has already become an iconic masterpiece.

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The Basic Rules on Buying Watches Online

Watches are functional and stylish. They can display time and serve as accessories. They have numerous features that can make your lifestyle better. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. They also have different prices and brands. If you have a hectic schedule, however, shopping for a watch may be a hassle; but thanks to the Internet, buying watches online is possible.

Shopping online has plenty of benefits such as convenience, having a wider range of choices, and acquiring more reasonable prices. When you buy online, there is no need for you to go to the actual store. Hence, you are able to save time, money, and energy. With just a few clicks on your mouse, you will be able to make a purchase. Everything, from browsing catalogues to making a payment, can be done conveniently in your home.

You can also compare prices easily online. All you have to do is visit the official websites of the stores you like or go to online marketplaces. Discounts and promos are usually announced on the official websites of popular watch stores. So instead of having to drive all the way to the mall, you can just order online. Online marketplaces such as auction sites also offer great deals. Here, you can find watches that are marked down or on sale.

Do not worry about having to pay using your credit card or online bank account. Nearly all reputable online stores have secure payment systems. Ecommerce sites have their sensitive pages encrypted so hackers and scammers will not be able to access them. Your personal and financial information will stay safe and secured. Just be careful when choosing an online seller. Make sure that the seller or store is legal and reliable.

As much as possible, avoid transacting with sellers who only accept bank or money transfers. You should use credit cards with fraud protection. You should also understand the terms and conditions of the seller. Moreover, do not forget to read unbiased reviews so you can know where the best deals are. These reviews can easily be found on the Internet.

They will guide you on online shopping and warn you about fraud sites and sellers. You can also visit forums in which other online shoppers talk about their experiences and purchases. Communicating with other online buyers is a great way to find out about good watch brands and stores. Buying watches online is generally safe, easy, and convenient. Just do not forget these basic rules on online shopping.

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An Overview of the Seagull Watch Movement

The Seagull Watch Movement was established in 1955 by four individuals. Using a minimal amount of tools, they built the first replica of Swiss Sindaco 5 watch and named it as WuXing. Although the manufacturing of watches was limited during that time, the four individuals were able to create an innovative product that paved way for building more factories.

In 1957, the WuYi Watch Co. was established and immediately released a replica of Swiss-designed, “based 17” jewel watches called the “WuYi”. Today, most of these watches are treated as high-demand artifacts by collectors. In 1962, WuYi relocated its site and was later named Tianjin Watch Factory. Three years later, Tianjin started producing Swiss and Seagull watches for the Chinese Army. In 1967, the factory made an exceptional accomplishment by developing a Seagull Watch inspired by Chinese designs.

By the year 1970, Seagull Watch produced a replica of the classic Bulova Accutron that was later integrated into their line of new watches. More replicas of Bulova were made, and they were called “ST5” and “ST6”. Both watches were succeeded by the “ST7” Chinese automatic watch which was considered as one of the most successful replicas that time.

Two decades later, Seagull Watch became a national enterprise – producing a range of high-quality, “Quartz-only” watches. But in 1995, the factory made a decision to extend their sales of replica watches in other countries. Today, Seagull Watch is the leading pioneer of mechanical watches – 90% of which are found to be replicas.

The Seagull Watch is the brainchild behind these illustrated dictionaries of watch names or terms: ETA, Sellita and Vostok.


ETA is the commonly-used watch movement worldwide. Comprising of the 2824 and other variants, ETA has helped small watch manufacturers create (and save) more replicas of watch models and brands. On the other hand, ETA has created its own “near-monopoly” via The Swatch Group which currently co-owns the Seagull Watch. The near-monopoly once resulted in Seagull’s threat to discontinue its sales of watch movements outside of Swatch’s authority.


Selitta is the Swiss watch movement maker that maybe somewhat unknown but is positioned to take in Swatch’s consumer rights. Selitta currently produces 200 Swatch-made watches, including the famous New Limes Neptun and 1 Tausend.


This Russian company manufactures both Seagull and its own movements. The 2414 Komandirskie and Vostok Amphibia are two of Vostok’s most expensive Seagull Watch Movement replicas today.