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As longtime wristwatch collectors and enthusiasts; the owners of Sizzlin’ Watches have been to many watch trade shows, collector organizations and watch gatherings around the globe.  One excellent association to belong to is The National Association Of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Over the past 14 years and after retailing various popular watch models, pre-owned vintage watches and watch parts generally of Swiss origin, we began to look for complete watches to bring to the online community of watchTICINO Type B enthusiasts just like us.  Then, one day, we were lucky enough through our strong support and reputation amongst fellow watch organization family and friends, to have secured a strong working business relationship with TICINO Watch Company.

We really are so excited to be part of the TICINO extended family, which sticks to true word of mouth grassroots watch production.  We find TICINO Watch Company listens to watch collectors needs, wants and recommendations for a good affordable watch and improves on the feedback.

The good news is that TICINO Watches have maintained their low prices while producing great quality timepieces that big name brands are well known for.  We feel this value of a low cost / high quality manual wind or automatic watch is a win win. These are just a few reasons why we and many other TICINO collectors around the world have grown to love and admire their watches.

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We continue to look forward to increased popularity in all Sizzlin’ Watches offerings by TICINO and also by expanding our custom and diver watch offering.

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Over the last 10+ years, we have been experiencing tremendous interest in TICINO Watches. For that, we have to thank the online watch community.

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