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Guide on How to Wind an Automatic Watch for First-Time Owners

Many users still do not know how to wind an automatic watch when its operation suddenly comes to a halt. Perhaps it is due to the misconception that automatic timepieces no longer need any winding. Indeed, the word “automatic” can be a bit misleading for most people, especially those who are first-time owners. Although it suggests a kind of mechanism that is different from a typical manually-operated watch, a “self-winding” timepiece still depends on mechanical force in order to maintain its timekeeping capability.

Winding Your Automatic Watch: Is it Necessary?

First of all, you should understand the principles of operation in an automatic wristwatch. This way, you will know how to keep your timepiece working accurately. Additionally, it will prevent you from incurring internal damages to your watch.

The main difference between the manual and self-winding wristwatches is the use of a winding rotor in the latter. Thisticino_aquachrono_002 device allows for the continuous rotation of the mainspring through wrist movement. Instead of winding the crown every 48 hours, an automatic watch can sustain the required energy by simply converting the motion received by the rotor into mechanical force.

Since you cannot always wear your watch, the motion which is necessary for the clock’s movement will be lost. Similarly, the power reserve that is required for its autonomous operation will eventually slow into a standstill once it reached the end of the expected running time. Hence, it is important that you wind your watch until it is functioning again.

2 Ways to Wind Your Watch

Fortunately, users currently have two options for winding their automatic watches. The first one is obviously the manual winding, which involves the turning of the crown. To do this, you should lightly pull the crown away from the case until you can freely rotate it. Afterwards, turn the crown several times until the “resistance” is achieved. In most watches, the minimum number of turns necessary for a full-wound automatic watch is 30.

Care must be taken when winding the watch in order to avoid breaking the mainspring. Once the timepiece is “overwound”, the rotor will rotate faster than normal, which in turn can cause the gears to shift erratically. Following the manufacturer’s instructions on manual winding should prevent this from happening.

On the other hand, if you want a more convenient way on how to wind an automatic watch, you should use a winder box. This electronic gadget is powered by either electricity or batteries. Simply place your watch in the deck and it will take care of the winding.

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Why Buy a Homage Watch Instead of a Replica Watch

A homage watch is a timepiece that imitates an original and popular watch design. It is different from a counterfeit or replica watch, however, since it comes from an actual brand. It is legal and has a substantial following. It is considered as the best substitute to a luxurious and authentic timepiece. Because of this, it is sought after by people who want to be fashionable but without the extravagant costs.

When choosing from different brands of homage watches, see to it that you examine the quality. Replica watches are often low-class, so you should stay away from those. Most quality replica watches and homage watches cost around two hundred to four hundred dollars. Watches that are Swiss-made may cost more. You should not spend more than this amount on replica watches for their low quality is not worth their high price. Instead, you should invest in quality timepieces.

A cheap replica watch may look good at first. As time passes, however, its quality will deteriorate. It will start to develop rust, and its mechanism will fail. Wearing a replica watch can also be harmful to your health. If you are allergic to the materials used, you may suffer from rashes on your arm. Low quality materials also tend to wear out faster when they come in contact with sweat or water.

If you do not want to have an itchy and reddish arm, you should avoid wearing cheap fakes. Not only will they make you appear less hygienic, but they will also ruin your appearance. People who know a lot about branded watches can easily distinguish an authentic watch from a replica. So if you want to avoid embarrassment from wearing a replica, you should either buy the real thing or go for homage watches.

Homage watches can be bought in offline and online stores. They are just as good as authentic watches, but without the hefty price tags. When ordering online, however, see to it that you check out reviews of excellent brands and ensure that the seller is legit. Stay away from scammers who sell cheap replicas and try to pass them as authentic. You should only deal with reputable sellers who sell good-quality homage watches.

A homage watch can be a good addition to your watch collection. It is stylish, functional, and made from materials of good quality. It will neither irritate your skin nor embarrass you in public. Depending on its design, you can safely wear it with any outfit without worrying of a rash outbreak or fashion enthusiasts spotting you wearing a fake.

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How to Choose a Diver Watch

A diver watch is something you need if you are into underwater diving. It is a special kind of watch that can resist water and other factors that ordinary watches cannot withstand. It also has additional underwater functions as well as chronograph functions. Aside from displaying time, it can also be used as a timer and stopwatch. It is available in twoDiver_004 types: analog and digital. However, some manufacturers offer a combination of analog and digital models.

This watch typically has a water resistance of two hundred to three hundred meters, as required by the International Organization for Standardization, but more advanced models can go much deeper. You should consider your needs before buying a watch. Keep in mind that diver watches intended for shallow waters should never be used in deeper waters because they will not be able to resist the water pressure there.

Diver watches also feature illuminated markers and hands for easy reading. They have antiglare crystals, and feature helium escape valves, extra gaskets, extra large crowns, double-locked bracelet clasps, alarm functions, and graduated one-way rotating bezels which can measure the elapsed time under the waters. They also indicate the bottom time.

These watches are designed with extensions or interchangeable bracelets which allow them to be worn over wet suits and drysuits. Such bracelets should be thick enough to be worn over heavily insulated suits for diving in cold waters. Silicone and rubber are the most commonly used materials for these bands. Diver watches are usually made from rugged materials like gold, titanium, and steel. Others are made with ultra-modern composites.

Another thing to remember when buying diver watches is that function beats form. While there are plenty of stylish diver watches in stores, you should still prioritize functionality over appearance. You should buy a watch that will suit your diving needs. Also, you should make sure that the watch you choose is readable. It should have a large, bright display so that you can still read it in the dark.

Luminous markers and hands are important when diving in murky waters. Choose a diver watch that features tritium gas filled tubes on the dials for continuous luminescence. Also, remember that color plays a vital role. Orange and red are no longer readable at a depth of thirty feet while blue can remain visible up to three hundred feet. Hence, you should choose a color that will be most ideal for your needs.

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The Evolution of Pilot Watches

Pilot watches were originally made for pilots who participated in the Vietnam War and World War II. They used to be plain and simple military timepieces without any chronographic features. Today, however, these watches have improved. There are now more features included. Nonetheless, these watches have also been available to the public;2013_ticino_typeb_pvd_001 they are no longer worn by pilots alone. Different brands of these watches can be found on the market.

A pilot watch is just like a regular watch except that it can also double as a chronometer. It has to be accurate, east to operate, and readable. Its size should be large enough, and it should have a dark background with luminous indexes. Visibility and readability are two of the most important characteristics that a pilot watch should have. This watch should also have special features that are necessary and useful in the work environment of pilots.

It should also have a compass and a multiple time-zone indication feature. The compass feature is useful in determining directions. The multiple time-zone indication feature is useful when traveling from one time zone to another. Pilots, as you know, frequently changes time zones which is why their watches should be able to adapt to these changes. Having a watch with multiple dials and a digital display that can be toggled will make reading time easier and faster.

In addition, a pilot watch should be able to operate in both normal and extreme conditions. It should still function well even if the temperature is very high or very low. It should also be resistant to high humidity and water. This watch should also be antimagnetic or non-magnetic, which means that it should be able to resist the strong magnetic fields created by cockpit instrumentation.

For the past years, pilots, navigators, and aircrew have used pilot or aviator watches to perform their aviation duties such as preflight planning, navigational chores, and getting the ramp on schedule. At present, however, modern technology and improved aircraft instrumentation has eliminated the need for these watches. Nonetheless, a pilot watch can still be worn by a pilot as a backup.

Pilot watches are widely available in stores. There are rugged watches that are approved by aviation agencies to be used by pilots. There are also ornamental versions that are preferred by trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts. Some of the most popular manufacturers of these watches are Seiko, Patek, Breitling, Benrus, Philippe, Hamiltons, Longines, Omega, Torgoen, Citizen, Breuget, and Blancpain.

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What is a Pilot Watch?

12chron_003Watches vary in size, shape, and design; but they all have the same basic function: to display accurate time. It is easy to find watches in stores online and offline. Watches are basically sold everywhere, from high-end jewelry stores to small-time boutiques. However, you should take note that watches are not all the same. A pilot watch, for instance, is especially designed to be used by pilots.

Pilot watches are rugged instruments that house various emblematic functions including COSC-certified chronometry. They undergo rigorous tests that involve changes in the gravitational force, extreme temperatures, and other conditions. These pieces, aside from being chronometrically precise, are shock-resistant, and antimagnetic. They are examined thoroughly by the Swiss observatory Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres.

They should be resistant against the strong magnetic fields produced by cockpit instrumentation as well as extreme temperature fluctuations. They should remain operational in extreme heat, freezing temperatures, and high humidity. They should also be resistant against dirt and dust particles. These watches also offer functions such as GMT or multiple time-zone indication, compass abilities, and slide-rule bezels.

Of course, these watches should also be easy to use and readable. Readability is undoubtedly the most important characteristic of pilot watches. They should be large enough for good visibility. Luminous, bright indices on a dark background allow easy readability. Minute-hand and second-hand visibility are also very important in aviation. The dial should also offer optimum legibility. There should be digital display or multiple dials that can be toggled easily.

In addition, pilot watches should be designed with expandable leather straps so they can be adjusted easily over the aviation suit. They should also have second time zones with frontal operating devices. They should also be used a chronograph which means that they should be able to double as a stopwatch or a timer. They have to be extremely accurate since pilots rely heavily on accurate timing for navigation.

Pilot watches were developed almost the same time as the invention of the airplane. Pilots back then needed a tough yet accurate time piece to help them keep track of their flight time in different time zones. As airplanes went to more inhospitable locations, these watches added more functions like magnetic shielding. They were originally issued by military personnel alone; but after World War II, they have become available to civilians. Hence, you can easily buy a pilot watch from an online seller or at your local mall.