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How to Choose a Diver Watch

A diver watch is something you need if you are into underwater diving. It is a special kind of watch that can resist water and other factors that ordinary watches cannot withstand. It also has additional underwater functions as well as chronograph functions. Aside from displaying time, it can also be used as a timer and stopwatch. It is available in twoDiver_004 types: analog and digital. However, some manufacturers offer a combination of analog and digital models.

This watch typically has a water resistance of two hundred to three hundred meters, as required by the International Organization for Standardization, but more advanced models can go much deeper. You should consider your needs before buying a watch. Keep in mind that diver watches intended for shallow waters should never be used in deeper waters because they will not be able to resist the water pressure there.

Diver watches also feature illuminated markers and hands for easy reading. They have antiglare crystals, and feature helium escape valves, extra gaskets, extra large crowns, double-locked bracelet clasps, alarm functions, and graduated one-way rotating bezels which can measure the elapsed time under the waters. They also indicate the bottom time.

These watches are designed with extensions or interchangeable bracelets which allow them to be worn over wet suits and drysuits. Such bracelets should be thick enough to be worn over heavily insulated suits for diving in cold waters. Silicone and rubber are the most commonly used materials for these bands. Diver watches are usually made from rugged materials like gold, titanium, and steel. Others are made with ultra-modern composites.

Another thing to remember when buying diver watches is that function beats form. While there are plenty of stylish diver watches in stores, you should still prioritize functionality over appearance. You should buy a watch that will suit your diving needs. Also, you should make sure that the watch you choose is readable. It should have a large, bright display so that you can still read it in the dark.

Luminous markers and hands are important when diving in murky waters. Choose a diver watch that features tritium gas filled tubes on the dials for continuous luminescence. Also, remember that color plays a vital role. Orange and red are no longer readable at a depth of thirty feet while blue can remain visible up to three hundred feet. Hence, you should choose a color that will be most ideal for your needs.

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