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Things to Remember in Setting an Automatic Watch

The use of automatic watch is gaining popularity nowadays. Although it is the first time that they are introduced in the market, it continuously becomes a fad because of environmental awareness. Unlike a normal watch, mechanically operated watches are not powered by batteries. For an automatic watch for instance, its power source is the arm movement of the person wearing the watch. However, before purchasing one, it is not enough that you are doing so justUntitled to get into the band wagon. In order to get the most out of it, you should also learn setting an automatic watch. This is actually easy. Because it does not require any battery in order to run, you do not have to open the back part just to replace the cell and make it work again.

Through normal movement of the wrist, your watch will be wound automatically. When it is fully wound, it will run for forty hours even if you remove it during your sleep. However, you can also use a watch winder to make sure that the movement does not really stop when you get it out of your wrist. If it stops and you want to restart it again, simply wind the cap or swing it from side to side until the second hand starts moving. Once it does, set the time and the date accordingly then wear it on your wrist. As long as the watch is in your wrist, you can be sure that it will not stop from moving. Wear it for at least eight hours a day to avoid gaining and losing time. Gaining time happens when you over wind the watch making it move faster than normal second count. Losing time on the other hand happens when it is not fully wound when you take it off. The fast movement your watch may also cause the pins to break. Therefore, be careful not to over wind them.

Set the time just like any other normal watch. Make sure that the hour and the minute hands are pointed to the corresponding time where they are supposed to be. Then set the date in the watch. Pull out the crown to position two and rotate it counter clockwise stopping only when the previous day’s date appears. Do not set it on the date today or else, it will not be chronological with the present day. Pull it out to the third position and advance the hour and the minute hand until the present day’s date appears. Then, put it back to the first position. Remember not to set the date between 9:00PM to 4:00 or it will not change properly.

When setting an automatic watch, make sure that you double check the time so that you will not be too early or late for any appointment that you need to attend to. Also make sure that they are properly set in AM or PM mode so that they date can change simultaneously with the time. Also, remember that you should pull the crown carefully when setting this kind of watch to avoid it from being separated from the entire device.

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