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Face-off: Authentic Watches vs. Replicas

When talking about authentic watches, the first thing that often comes to mind is the image of stylish timepieces with hefty price tags. Although “stylish” is just another way to perfectly describe this range of wristwatches, the “expensive”ticino_aquachrono_001 part is not always true. Of course, there are those genuine luxury timepieces that are highly popular among the well-offs and watch collectors. Yet somehow, this does not automatically suggest that all wristwatches are valued at the same rates. One can still afford to be classy even on a limited budget with several fairly-priced timepieces.

On one hand, the counterfeit industry seems to be thriving at the expense of the manufacturers of genuine watches. This is aggravated by the fact that many people would even defend this market, saying that owning a replica wristwatch can be easily justified through comparing the costs of acquiring fake and authentic watches. Indeed, it is mainly the price and not necessarily the quality which people seek in imitation timepieces.

Why Choose Genuine Watches?

While it is true that most of the genuine wristwatches are a bit expensive, there are several good reasons why they only deserve to be appraised at such high value. Here are the highlights of authentic timepieces which make them ideal investments:

  • Exclusive Timekeeping Technology – Every manufacturer of wristwatch has adopted its own clockworks. Some of them would even go as far as register their trademarks in order to make sure that no competitor will be able to copy them. The mechanisms can be so complex that despite the attempts of the manufacturers to duplicate them, they cannot simply reproduce similar technologies.

Imitators can only copy the looks, but not the inner workings of a watch. Hence, they are only good for show. Take for example the new limited-edition chronograph model from Christopher Ward brand. Without a doubt, it is one of the understated designs in modern timekeeping, yet practically difficult to imitate. The same goes for all kinds of complex clock mechanisms.

  • Finest Materials – Manufacturers of authentic timepieces devote themselves to the tradition of the master horologists who came before them. Thus, the result is a collection of watches that are elegant and highly durable. Unlike with replicas, authentic wristwatches are made from high-quality materials such as genuine calfskin, polished metals and even gemstones.
  • Warranty – Usually, you are lucky to have a replica watch that lasts for a year. Most counterfeit timepieces are easily damaged. On the other hand, if you buy authentic watches, you can be sure to get a one-year warranty should they need some repair service.