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Your Guide in Making Custom Built Watches

Custom watch-making has a long history. Today, the skill and precision necessary in creating a perfect timepiece are now done by machines. However, there are still artisans who continue to produce man-made custom built watches – but they’re only a handful now.

Tips in Making Customized Watches

Planning to make your own customized watch? Here are four tips to consider:

  1. Decide on the design you want. If you’re an avid collector of old watches, having any of them custom-made may be something you wanted to work on. Your design can be either a “promotional” or “custom logo” watch. You may also want to consider designs inspired from your vintage jewelry set. Whatever design you want, as long as it suits your personality, go for it!
  2. Know the types of customization available. An ordinary timepiece can be turned into something that’s one-of-a-kind in various ways. A model watch for example, can be turned into a customized one by adding some personal40mm_diver_sub_001 and unique touches to it. Watches are actually one-of-a-kind due to its elegant feel and the combination of decorated mechanics such as repetition minutes and tourbillion.
  3. Always know your budget. This is the most important tip in making customized watches since it involves awareness of your financial limits. Of course, you need money to purchase on materials needed in having your timepiece customized.
  4. Make inquiries and get the right pricing. One-of-a-kind watches are distributed by small-time companies. They cost more than the ready-made ones that has already been customized. Try not to make assumptions when you purchase something that is special. Instead, ask for details in writing or price.

Custom-made watches can be distinguished by a range of materials used. The stones and metal you choose may affect the price. It can also affect where you choose to wear the watch.

Take note that some watch companies provide “Terms of Customization”. Some of them meanwhile can do nothing more than giving you a customized band and changing the faceplate.

Custom Built Watches – Where to Find Them

Research types of watches you’re interested to customize and you’ll likely find the right people who can make those for you. To get the custom built watch you’ve been wanting for, taking a trip to Switzerland is no longer obligatory. A research on the internet (through “watch association” sites) will serve as your guide in finding different timepieces that are customizable.